Welcome to Your Journey



Welcome to Your Journey

Thank you for visiting. My name is Jennifer Del Castillo. I hope you find what you are looking for here.

In this integrative health, affordable, sliding scale practice; I feel that clients and students are sharing their journey with me. 

It is you who is giving me permission to be on this journey.

It is my service to help you reconnect to your inner self, with others, and with the world in your live in; allowing the process to occur in a safe space. This can be done through counseling/yoga therapy, private yoga therapy, private meditation sessions, and group yoga classes.

So continue to explore the site to learn about myself, my approach to services, blog, and much more.




*Note: I will be away for training from Sunday, March 15th until Sunday, April 5th. Sessions will resume on Monday, April 6th; classes will resume on Tuesday, April 7th. Thank you.*